Chapter 21: Rebecca – July 1976

Rebecca had enjoyed the weekend of the Christening and had spent many hours chatting with her friends individually and together.  She was happy that they all seemed to be in a good place at the moment, Penny looked radiant with happiness, and Caitlin was having fun. Suzanne was more relaxed about her father and looking forward to the move.  Rebecca was pleased with herself for not responding to Dylan’s presence.  She thought that she had handled the meeting really well, though she had worried that it may have been the cool reception she had given him that had made him leave so precipitously.  But who knew with Dylan, she shrugged her shoulders dismissing the thought.

Mondays were a funny day in the shop sometimes hectic sometimes really quiet.  Today was one of the later.  Rebecca and Carole set about remerchandising the shop and re-dressing the window.  The secret of this time of year was to mix new things in with the sale items cleverly so that customers were tempted in by a bargain but ended up buying the new stuff, or some of each which was an even better result.

The two had worked hard shifting stock around the rails, creating new looks with different pieces and arranging clever juxtapositions of colour and print to draw the eye.  Happy with the effect Carole made coffees for them and produced some chocolate to share.

‘Yum!’ approved Rebecca, ‘Why don’t you go home Carole, I’ll cash up.’

‘You sure?’ she checked, already heading to the stock room to collect her bag.

‘Yes of course, see you tomorrow.’

Rebecca busied herself doing final tweaks, lining hangers up with precision and restacking tees so that they were in perfect alignment.  She sighed inwardly as the doorbell chimed. Typical nobody comes in all day and then you get someone at closing time.  She straightened up and fixed a welcoming smile on her face and turned to greet…Dylan.  Dylan was half hidden by a bouquet of irises, Rebecca’s favourite flowers, looking gorgeous and smiling contritely.  He stepped into the shop, pushing the door shut behind him with his foot.  He proffered the flowers for Rebecca to take.  Surprised and wrong footed by his appearance in the shop she almost took them from him.  Then with a determined tilt of her chin she put her arms behind her back and refused defiantly,

‘No, Dylan, no thank you’ she shook her head and backed away,

‘Why?  I want to apologise and to take you out’ he smiled his winning smile and sighed, ‘give me a chance to explain myself, please Rebecca.’  He pushed the flowers firmly at her, saying ‘Here take these, please.’  As she reluctantly took the flowers from him he glanced at his watch ‘It looks about shop closing time to me.  Why don’t you let me take you out for a drink and we’ll talk.’  He sensed a hesitation and pushed his advantage, ‘you could take these upstairs and put them in water.  I’ll hang around here for you, as long as you lock up first.  I may not be an ideal shop assistant.’ He joked, trying to diffuse the atmosphere.  ‘And you may like to clean up a bit, you have a smut on your nose’ he finished, with a lopsided grin that set Rebecca’s pulse soaring.

She found herself upstairs wondering what the hell she was doing.  Dylan was right she did have a smut, which she scrubbed at angrily.  She stood stock still in the bathroom for a few minutes breathing deeply trying to calm down and think straight.  Surely there would be no harm in just going for a drink and hearing him out she thought.  Having decided she quickly changed into jeans and an Indian print wrap top tied loosely around her waist.   She brushed her dark glossy hair which she now wore shoulder length.  Rebecca brushed her teeth then wished she hadn’t because Dylan might think it was because she expected to be kissed, which thought sent her back into overdrive.

She slipped her feet into flat sandals and picking up her bag marched back downstairs before she could change her mind.  Dylan was lounging against the central island coolly taking in the shop fittings and the serried ranks of clothing.  He smiled widely as Rebecca reappeared,

‘You look great, and so does your shop.  You have a huge amount of talent my dear.’  He stated seriously.  ‘Now where shall we go?’ he asked looping his arm casually through hers.  Rebecca steered him along the street to the wine bar and selected a small table in the corner away from the bar which was already quite busy despite being early on a Monday evening.  She sat and watched Dylan as he pushed his way to the bar to order drinks.  His hair was shorter though it still curled over the collar of his shirt, of a pale blue washed to a thread chambray.  The once expensive shirt was loosely tucked into an equally worn pair of Levis, the softness of the old denim just suggesting the muscle of his buttocks and thighs.  He was much tanned from the hot summer weather they had been enjoying; the tan accentuated the striking colour of his eyes.  She sternly cautioned herself to be dispassionate about this man who disturbed her so much but appeared to be playing with her emotions.  She wondered what he would have to say to her to excuse his odd behaviour.

Dylan just then returned to the table plonking down a bottle of wine and two glasses and sat next to Rebecca on the upholstered corner seat so that his thigh brushed hers.  He reached over and poured a glass of nicely chilled Macon Blanc and lifted his glass in salute, ‘To the most beautiful girl in my world!’  Rebecca flushed and grimaced at the too extravagant praise making Dylan laugh and protest his veracity.  They sat quietly for a few moments both taking in the attractions of the other and examining their own feelings then both speaking at once,

‘Let me tell you…’

‘Why did you…’

They both broke off and hesitated.  Then Dylan took the initiative,

‘My turn, I think I more than owe you an explanation.’  Dylan proceeded to tell Rebecca how much he had been attracted to her from the moment he set eyes on her walking into the cathedral at Charles’s wedding.

‘I wanted to talk to you all day at the reception but every time I came near to you someone else butted in’ he continued ruefully.  ‘In the end you came to find me.’

‘I did not’ protested Rebecca, ‘I was just admiring the garden in the sunset and you…you ambushed me!’ she countered.  Dylan laughed and took her hand,

‘I was just teasing you ma belle!’ he raised her hand to his lips and dropped a kiss into her palm, smiling mischievously into her face, then rebuking himself proceeded,  ‘I apologise.  I must tell all and let you be the judge of my behaviour.’  He continued, ‘I wanted to ask you to see me that evening and then the opportunity was denied to me by Martin’s untimely intervention, if you remember?’  She nodded ascent.  ‘Next day I was set to travel; you know that I am a freelance photographer and I travel extensively for my work?’ he cocked an eyebrow with the question.  Rebecca shook her head and indicated that she didn’t really know that much about him.  ‘Well I do’ he continued, ‘and I suppose that is why I did nothing.  It’s not exactly a great proposition to present to a girl that you are serious about.’  Rebecca digested this information, and eventually said, ‘You could have given the girl a chance to decide for herself.’  He smiled and agreed his mistake gravely,

‘I see the error of my ways and I suppose that is what I’m here to ask.  Would you want a relationship with someone who is often away travelling, someone who can’t always keep promises and commitments because of his work?’  He looked seriously into her eyes and explained, ‘It wouldn’t be fair of me to ask you without telling you about the downsides.  Would you consider seeing me Rebecca?’  Her heart was racing again and she felt a flood of relief and yearning.  He really wanted her, seriously.  She raised her eyes to his and stated simply,

‘Yes, I would.  I will, I mean.’

Dylan made a strangled whooping sound and bent and kissed her full on the mouth.  Success he thought, as he ravished her thoroughly with his tongue.  He had secured the girl and his exit route whenever he needed it.  Now to seal the deal, he lifted his mouth from hers emitting a guttural groan of pleasure.  Rebecca was blushing furiously aware of several glances in their direction, not all approving.

‘Shall we get out of here?’ whispered Dylan, grazing his lips against her ear as he spoke.  They walked out of the wine bar in a semi-somnambulant state and made for Rebecca’s flat his arm around her waist.  They barely made it through the flat door before they were tugging and tearing at each other’s clothes, mouths locked desperately together.  Dylan bent and lifted her easily off her feet to carry her up the stairs without ceasing to kiss her.

‘Bedroom?’  He asked, disengaging his lips from hers, seeking both permission and direction in his request.

‘Um’ she acquiesced hazily, ‘this door’.  He pushed the bedroom door with his foot and deposited her gently in the middle of her large double bed.

‘Are you sure?’ he growled huskily, ‘first date and all that.’

‘Don’t you dare try to leave me in this state!’ she exclaimed in mock censure, laughing and grabbing his shirtfront she pulled him down on top of her.

‘Well in that case, you wanton hussy’ rejoined Dylan, pressing himself against her so she could feel every inch of him.  ‘Open my fly and hold me’ he ordered.  She obediently unzipped and gasped with pleasure as she released his cock and took his shaft in both hands.  ‘Take your panties down.’  As she struggled from her underwear he rolled his body onto hers so she could feel his full weight.  He pushed her top away from her breasts and sucked at her nipples.  She pushed him away desperate for him to take her clitoris.  He laughed and very slowly kissed and tongued his way down her body, pausing at her belly to lick the flat taut flesh.  ‘Open your legs.  Hold your pussy open for me.’ He demanded.  He laid his head on her thigh for a moment staring at her mound and the labia open ready for him.  She was so engorged with desire that he could see her clitoris standing to attention.  Just the way he liked his women he thought.  Very slowly he inserted his tongue and flicked her clitoris slowly and languorously.

Rebecca was so aroused that she whimpered for him to enter her.  Dylan straddled her body and very carefully guided his cock so that the tip only entered. Then he rubbed slowly and rhythmically the end of his penis against her, then he plunged in and then retreated again and again until bucking and clenching him with an intense orgasm that shook her very being Rebecca screamed with pleasure and Dylan finally thrust into her and rode her fast and hard until she came again as he whipped his cock out and ejaculated in a great spurt across her belly.  Groaning they fell together in a sticky mess spent and replete.

Rebecca had never experienced anything remotely so intense in her few prior sexual encounters.  She was hooked.


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