Chapter 26: Rebecca – December 1977

Since that first torrid evening with Dylan Rebecca’s life had been turned inside out.  She felt like she was riding a roller coaster of emotion, one day on the top of the world the next in utter misery.  It seemed almost as if Dylan timed his departures to coincide with the moment she finally relaxed and gave way to her feelings for him.  Consequently she never seemed to be able to unwind when she was with him and she pined for him when he wasn’t there.  She had even got into the habit of staying in waiting for him to call.  He never did.

Work was Rebecca’s salvation.  Her business was doing very well and she was negotiating for her second shop in the Kings Road.  She had already bought new labels for the shop with the plan to take over the lease in mid February.  She had two girls in her existing team who would like to work in the new branch and she was comfortable that she would be able hire new people for both locations.  She was in the process of organising shop fitters, builders and decorators for the necessary refurb.

Rebecca had been wondering what she would do for Christmas as she had turned down her mother’s invitation because of shop commitments with the promise that she would visit home at Easter, though she wasn’t sure how she was going to manage this.  Caitlin’s suggestion had come like a ray of hope in the bleak vista of her personal life.  Rebecca’s spirits lifted as she planned her packing for the trip.  She knew that there would be shopping trips, dining out, and knowing Caitlin she had probably secured a slew of party invitations.  Her own wardrobe needed revitalising and a few days with Caitlin would be sure to require some seriously glamorous outfits.  It was sometimes difficult for Rebecca and the others to grasp the mind-boggling extent of Caitlin’s fortune.

Rebecca took an afternoon off to complete her Christmas shopping.  Firstly she spent a couple of hours in Palmerstone getting Carole and the other two girls to help her choose some clothes for Rome.  After she had picked a few key pieces she set off for Oxford Circus to do some window-shopping, she liked to keep up to date with her competitors and get new ideas.  She had also to buy presents for her staff.   They were her most valuable assets and without the team she had built Palmerstone would be nothing.  She went to Liberty and caught up with a few of her old colleagues.  She chose presents carefully for the team.  She knew their tastes and bought well.  Finally she bought presents for Penny and her family, Suzanne and her father, and a small present for Caitlin; she wanted to get her something else from Rome as a memento.  She had already posted presents for her mum and dad and brother Rob.

What should she do about Dylan she wondered?  She felt sure that if she got him something extravagant he would not have anything for her and she would be embarrassed.  On the other hand if she played it cool and didn’t get anything for him he would be bound to produce some amazing present that made her feel guilty.  Not for the first time she was caught in a no win situation.  She remembered her father’s maxim, well half remembered, it was something to the effect that a book was an acceptable gift whatever the circumstances.  She set off for Charing Cross Road to her favourite bookstore and selected a travel book by Paul Theroux.

That evening she spent a happy couple of hours wrapping presents and finishing her Christmas cards.  She hadn’t seen Dylan for ten days, who’s counting she grimaced at herself, but this was nothing unusual.  He often disappeared for twice as long.  She decided to take a long hot bath and then to try on a few of her purchases so she could pack a capsule wardrobe for Rome.  She was beginning to get excited about the trip with Caitlin and found that for the first time in a long while she was looking forward to something.  She hoped Dylan didn’t turn up now and spoil it.  But of course he did.

She heard the doorbell ring as she was contemplating getting out of the bath where she had been enjoying a long soak.  She could tell by the ring that it was Dylan and immediately hopped out of the bath and pulled on a towelling robe to sped downstairs to let him in.

‘Hey what have we here?’ whistled Dylan. ‘A hot wet Rebecca all ready for me.’  She blushed at his innuendo and reached to kiss him.  He followed her up the stairs with a hand straying up inside her robe so that by the time she reached the landing she was melting inside for him.  He scooped her up and kissed her almost brutally,

‘God I’ve missed your hot sweet pussy’, he said slipping his fingers in to stroke her clitoris, ‘shall we?’ he indicated the bedroom door.  Rebecca nodded dumbly.  The first thing that Dylan saw on the bed was an overnight bag and clothes laid out ready to pack.  His mood changed immediately.  He swung her down saying coldly, ‘I see you’re planning to leave.  A fine home coming I must say Rebecca.’

‘I didn’t know when you were coming back’ she countered and ‘I can’t sit around forever waiting for you.’  She knew it was the wrong thing to say to Dylan the moment the words left her mouth.  He looked furious.

‘I thought we had discussed my work commitments and that you had agreed to the parameters.’

‘Well yes of course I did’ said Rebecca wrong footed, ‘but I expected that you would call me and let me know where you are and you know, talk to me’ she stammered lamely.

‘Right, yeah.  Like when I’m in an Amazon rainforest I just go to the nearest phone box and put in a long distance call to make sure that my poor little rich girl isn’t worrying her pretty little mind.’  This was unfair to Rebecca, but she was put in the wrong again.

‘So tell me, where are you off to my sweet.’

‘Not until the day after tomorrow’ she said hopefully, ‘Caitlin invited me to her new place.’  She guessed he wouldn’t like the detail.  ‘You could stay tonight.’ she flushed and lowered her eyes feeling cheap and needy.  Dylan weighed his options.  He liked her begging for it, he could leave her desperate for him.  On the other hand he could do with relieving himself; he hadn’t had sex for a couple of days.

‘Come here’ he commanded, ‘take that thing off’ he pulled the tie open as he spoke.  Rebecca stood naked in front of him.  He upended her deftly onto the sofa and releasing his cock from his fly entered her quickly and rode her hard and fast coming quickly and urgently inside her.  He stood, zipped his fly, picked up his jacket and walked out without a backward glance.  Rebecca cried herself to sleep.  He had made her feel like a whore.


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