Chapter 41: Rebecca – March 1978

Meanwhile in London Rebecca had taken Carole into her confidence.  It was the day before she was going to be married.  She needed help to choose something to wear, for the first time in her life being totally at a loss.  Carole took the whole situation in her stride with her customary kindness and efficiency.  By the end of the day she had helped Rebecca to pick out a cream and lilac dip dyed long dress.  The wide square neck and empire line suited her shape and the overall affect was hippy and chic at the same time.

Rebecca decide to wear the silver and turquoise pendant that the girls from Liberty had given to her, ballet flats and an Indian silk scarf in purples, pinks and green tied loosely around her head would finish off the look.  Carole smiled widely and nodded her head in approval as Rebecca stepped out of the fitting room in the full ensemble.  She looked totally herself yet the outfit suited the occasion.  Carole hugged Rebecca spontaneously and wished her good luck with emotion in her voice.

‘Thanks Carole, you’ve been such a help and support.  I don’t know how to thank you.’  She hugged her colleague and friend in return with real affection.  Rebecca took in her reflection and decided that she looked quite good, much better than she had for some time.  She made a mental note to order a few more tunics and empire line dresses; she was not the only expectant mother that Palmerstone catered for.  She wondered what Dylan would wear and for the first time in a while she allowed herself to think about her handsome husband to be.  She felt the familiar stirring of desire that these thought had used to illicit.  Perhaps they could make a go of it.  She would give it a damn good try.

Suzanne called Rebecca that evening to finalise arrangements for the next day.  The civil ceremony was to be at 12.30 and afterwards they would all go to a favoured restaurant in Wimbledon Village for lunch.  This Suzanne had organised after checking with Penny what was intended.   Suzanne would call around for Rebecca at 11.45 and they’d make their way to the registry office together.

‘Are you nervous Becca?’  Suzanne asked, ‘I could come around tonight if it would make you feel better?’

‘No thanks Annie, I’m fine, nervous but I’ve made up my mind to it now and I’m going to do my best to make it work.’

‘Good for you, I’m glad.’  Suzanne wished her friend a goodnight and hung up.  She continued to think about her well into the night, worried that it would all end in tears.

When Rebecca and Suzanne arrived in good time for the service they were relieved and gratified that Penny, Charles and Dylan were already waiting for them. Dylan looked cool and handsome in a linen suit that Rebecca remembered from Simon’s Christening when Dylan had put in such a brief appearance.  She wondered if he remembered too, the first of many stormy scenarios between them.  If he did he showed no signs.  If anything Dylan looked happy.  He smiled lopsidedly at Rebecca in a way that always made her heart lurch, and even made friendly overtures to Suzanne despite the fact that the two were mistrustful of each other.

For the first time Rebecca felt acutely aware of Charles’s discomfort.  He was wearing a grey suit and not his dog collar.  She realised that the situation between his best friend and his wife’s best friend may have been difficult and quite a compromise for a man such as Charles.  He was certainly not particularly comfortable with a registry office wedding.  Rebecca spontaneously gave him a hug and thanked him.  She felt sorry for the difficult situation that she had inadvertently foisted on all her closest friends.

The ceremony was efficient and not totally without ritualistic solemnity.  When Dylan made his vows he turned and looked her in the eye as though he meant to honour them.  She did likewise to him.  They exchanged a kiss and embrace, signed the register and were finished by one o’clock to make way for the next couple.

Charles drove them all the short distance to the restaurant and they enjoyed a merry meal together.  After the meal was finished they all felt in good spirits.  Charles played chauffer again first dropping the newly-weds back at Rebecca’s flat then Suzanne in Pimlico before He and Penny set off for home their hearts lightened by the mission being accomplished.

Dylan manfully carried Rebecca over the threshold joking that she should carry him, as it was her threshold.  He didn’t appear to be concerned about the fact however.

‘Can you er, can we y’know…?’ He asked her awkwardly.  Rebecca laughed at his uncertainty,

‘You mean can we have sex?’  She teased, ‘It’s probably the safest time as I can’t get pregnant can I?’  Dylan laughed ruefully and pulled her into his arms.  They made love slowly and languidly.  Dylan making sure that she was satisfied before he came keeping his rhythm slow and gentle so as not to hurt the baby.  Dylan felt almost complete when he fell asleep his body entwined with hers.

Their marriage had started with more promise than either had dared to hope for.


End Book 1

To be continued in Book 2 – The Pimlico House

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