Chapter 32 – Pimlico House

Rebecca – July 1985
Wednesday night had become a regular evening for the boys to spend with their father. Dylan would pick them up from school and take them home to swim or to the park for a run around. He would then take them out for a meal at McDonalds or something similar. Burgers, chips, Coca Cola and ice cream was the norm and very acceptable to Ty and Roo. He would then drop them back at the Pimlico house seeing Rebecca very briefly if at all. Now school had finished for the holidays Dylan was going to pick them up from the Pimlico House. Rebecca had arranged to collect the boys from Summer School and to be home by 5.30 to hand them over to Dylan. When the arrangements had been made he had asked if the boys could sleep over. He had a room set up for them with two small beds and an activities table he told her quickly before she could disconnect.
‘And I thought we could watch ‘Ghostbusters’ together’ he added, ‘I’ve rented the film. Please Becca.’ Rebecca had declined and put the phone down. As usual Dylan had prepared his ground. The same evening Tyrone asked her if they were going to stay over at Daddy’s. Rebecca cursed inwardly and trying to be neutral asked,
‘Would you like to Ty?’ He had beamed excitedly and answered
‘Yes please’ with no hesitation whatsoever. She was snookered.
Once the boys were in bed she dialled the number she had sworn she never would and told Dylan shortly that the boys could sleep over. She added a list of rules which made her sound like a complete bitch and a tyrant she realised which made her feel even more angry with him. Dylan grinned happily to himself allowing Rebecca to rant uninterrupted.
He had a great evening planned. They would swim and practice their diving; he’d been teaching them racing dives and they were both getting quite proficient. He’d equipped the fridge freezer for every eventuality with ice cream in every flavour and Coca Cola and he had arranged for Pizzas to be delivered which they would eat in front of the TV while they watched Ghostbusters. Anything about bedtime arrangements he wasn’t sure about Tyrone would know what they were supposed to do he reasoned. At seven years Ty was very responsible.
Dylan’s paternal instincts had truly kicked in. He loved the times that the boys spent with him and had started to entertain the notion that he may be able to persuade Rebecca to let him take the boys on holiday when they were a bit older. Take it gently he had reasoned to himself. Perhaps volunteering some day care during the holidays would recommend him to her good books. He started to construct a plan.
Dylan had discovered from the boys that Caitlin’s daughter Charlie was going to the States at the end of the week. He deduced from this that Caitlin was going to be at a loose end for a couple of weeks, which led him to ponder on scenarios where he could endear himself to Rebecca. Ho could volunteer to have the boys so that she and Caitlin could go out on the town. The only flaw in this plan was that Jack would probably fulfil the role. How to get around that he wondered?
Never short of imagination a perfect plan formed in his mind. What if he were to take the boys up to Yorkshire for a couple of days to stay with Charles and Penny? Rebecca would find that hard to object to and Dylan would also get to catch up with his childhood friend who he sorely missed. Charles would be pleased that Dylan was making an effort with his children. Penny would be pleased to have Becca’s children to stay and the children would all be delighted. What not to like?
The next hurdle was how to present the idea to Rebecca without having his ears chewed off. Dylan called the Rectory and had a chat with Penny. Penny duly called Rebecca for a catch up and suggested that the boys came to stay with them for a few days. Penny didn’t like to be duplicitous but she liked Dylan and was rooting for him to get back together with Rebecca.
She feigned disappointment that Rebecca wouldn’t be able to leave London to bring them and then pretended a brain wave. Charles had invited Dylan to spend a couple of days with them. Could Ty and Roo come with their Daddy? She knew they were happily reconciled with him. Rebecca smelled a rat but knew that she would sound unreasonable if she objected to something that had the makings of an exciting holiday for her boys. Once again Rebecca was left seething and exasperated with Dylan. What was he trying to achieve? She wished he would just bugger off back to the United States and leave her in peace.
Unfortunately a little worm in her head didn’t really want this to happen. A couple of days before Dylan had collected her sons for their overnight visit, she had watched as they had thrown themselves on him clamouring to be swung around and have piggy back rides. Their voices shrill with excitement crying ‘Daddy, Daddy!’ for his attention. Dylan had good-humouredly man handled his sons out to his Range Rover. Her treacherous heart had lurched as she watched the man she had used to love so much patiently lifting his sons and strapping them into the newly fitted car seats.


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