Chapter 33 – Pimlico House

Caitlin – July 1985
The day after her encounter with Michael Caitlin received a large bouquet of red roses. Michael had done his homework. An American heiress with worldwide property assets and money in the bank; she may be just what he needed. Despite appearances Michael was strapped for cash. His propensity for gambling whether it be in the city or at the card table had led him into some short-term difficulties and some frankly dodgy deals. However he was confident that this downturn in his fortunes was only temporary and he thought that Caitlin might just be the key to turn his luck around.
Rebecca raised a questioning eyebrow when she dropped Charlie and the boys around at 10.00 on her way to the shop. Caitlin shrugged casually and suggested a glass of wine when Becca called for Tyrone and Reuben. Meanwhile she planned to take the children on a boat trip down the Thames and pay a visit to the Tower of London. Something she had not done since she was a child.
‘Have fun’ Becca advised as she waved goodbye.
When Rebecca returned around six the boys were busy ‘torturing’ and ‘decapitating’ Charlie with gruesome zeal, which was causing her to giggle and squirm disobligingly. With admonitions not to hurt Charlie, Caitlin led Rebecca out to their favourite place on the back terrace where a chilled bottle of wine awaited. Rebecca noticed that the roses were now arranged in a vase on the hall console table as she passed through (a touch that Caitlin thought rather ironic, commemorating the scene of the ravishment).
‘Well?’ Rebecca’s voice was full of question. Caitlin grinned wickedly and recounted an edited version of her night’s escapades. Rebecca could tell that her friend had shagged this bloke by the happy glow emitting from Caitlin.
‘You sure you know what you’re doing Caiti? He might be an axe murder or something…’ Rebecca echoed Caitlin’s transitory fears.
‘He’s OK I think, I read about him. I know it was a bit mad’ she grimaced at Becca, ‘don’t you miss it? Once he’d touched me I was on fire. There was no way I could stop myself. I just had to …y’know’ she glanced at the door to ensure no prying ears, ‘fuck! God it was good.’ Despite herself Becca burst out laughing. It was so unlike Caiti to use vulgarisms.
‘So are you seeing him again then?’
‘If he asks me I will. Nothing serious but hey a gals gotta have some fun!’ Caitlin gleamed, ‘Charlie’s going to be away for over a fortnight so the timing couldn’t be better!’
‘We’re still going to have a night out though aren’t we?’ Rebecca sounded almost plaintive.
‘Course we are silly’ Caitlin reached over and administered a quick hug, ‘I can’t wait. When’s best for you? I guess Jack won’t mind looking after the boys?’ It was Rebecca’s turn to fill Caitlin in on developments including Penny’s duplicity in the plan for Dylan to have the boys from Tuesday until Friday the following week.
‘Oh dear’ Caitlin intoned, ‘you’re not really angry with Pen are you?’
‘I can never be. I just picture her lower lip wobbling and forgive immediately!’
‘Ha yes me too!’ They laughed affectionately remembering her endearing habit.
‘Dylan’s really good with the boys you know’ Caitlin volunteered seriously, ‘I know you don’t want to hear it but he’s genuinely really attached to them both and they love him.’
‘I know’ responded Rebecca quietly, biting her lip. She changed the subject quickly to arranging their night out. ‘Before you get booked up with your Yuppie stud!’ she explained. They organised for Tuesday night and Rebecca made to collect the boys as the phone rang. She could tell it was the man by Caitlin’s responses and that he was making an arrangement to meet her.
Rebecca gave Charlie a big hug goodbye telling her to have a lovely time with her daddy in the States and that they’d all miss her. She waved bye to Caitlin mouthing,
‘Have fun and be careful’ as she dragged the boys away from their game of Beefeaters (Ty and Roo) and prisoner (Charlie) to take them home to Pimlico.
The following day Mario called around in the mid afternoon to collect Charlie for her visit with him to New York. She was very excited to be seeing her daddy and mostly enthusiastic about her trip but also apprehensive. Mario greeted his daughter with a big hug and swung her easily up into his arms to admire her beauty and administer kisses and tickles. Caitlin looked on glad to see the bond between her ex husband and daughter.
Mario swung Charlie down reaching over her head to kiss Caitlin on both cheeks in greeting. He cast a look at the red roses on the hall table and raised an eyebrow meaningfully. Caitlin shook her head to indicate nothing serious and bent her head to issue some last minute admonishments and protestations of maternal affection smothering Charlie with kisses,
‘Mama please don’t worry’ Charlie responded patiently, ‘I’ll be good and I’ll look after Daddy.’
‘Why thank you Charlie’ Mario responded with a smile his eye meeting Caitlin’s to share the joke. The adults reiterated the arrangements once more. Charlie would stay with Mario until the following Thursday and then Mario would meet Caitlin’s father Frank and Ariel who were taking Charlie out to their place in Easthampton for another week. Then Frank, Ariel and their two children were all flying over to London to spend a week with Caitlin bringing Charlotte home with them. Caitlin waved Mario and Charlotte off from her doorstep stifling tears that pricked at the back of her eyes. Two whole weeks without her daughter seemed a long time.
Three hours later Caitlin crossed the chequer board floor of the hushed hotel lobby, her stiletto heels clacking as she walked towards the bar where Michael had arranged to meet her. She almost cried out her surprise when Michael appeared unheralded at her elbow and unceremoniously towed her over to the lifts. The door had hardly shut before he had engulfed her. His tongue pressed into her mouth and his hand slid up under her skirt and inserted his finger gently rubbing her clitoris almost bringing her to a climax. The lift paused and Michael let her go just in time for her to smooth down her dress and attempt to look composed. Caitlin’s body was molten liquid she was unsure how long she could wait for the release she craved. Michael looked as cool and composed as ever, his face impenetrable. He ordered drinks and feasted his eyes on Caitlin enjoying her discomfiture. He liked the feeling of power over this Park Avenue Princess. They all needed a cock inside them no matter how high and mighty. He pushed his drink to one side stood and pulled her to her feet.
‘I thought we’d dine out’ with no further explanation he put his arm around her squeezing her backside and propelled her back towards the lift. As soon as the door closed he slipped to the floor and sucked Caitlin’s pussy until she came in short sharp gasps. He pushed her out of the lift barely able to walk and guided her into a room that was small and dark. Caitlin guessed it was a linen room.
He unzipped and pushed Caitlin to her knees where she gave head for the first time in her life not sure if she liked it or not. He pulled away and lifted her to her feet before he reached his climax ramming his cock inside her without bothering to remove her underwear. He thrust hard and fast both of them panting like runners. Finally he climaxed taking her with him. Caitlin fell limply against him exhausted, sated and rather ashamed.


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