Chapter 42 – Pimlico House

Ariel – October 1985
Ariel had been mightily relieved to be able to relate the news of Caitlin’s impending nuptials to her husband; she had found it difficult to be non-committal to Frank about Caitlin’s new boyfriend knowing the complexity of the situation.
Caitlin had called and told her father that they had decided to marry; explaining that it would be a low-key affair this time so that they had decided not to wait. The date would be suitable and Frank instantly offered to pay for the reception. He had liked Michael and was pleased that Caitlin would be settled. Frank was old fashioned in many ways and thought that women should be married with children; he would be pleased for Caitlin to have siblings for Charlotte. Ariel thought it best for Caitlin to break the news about the baby.
The information that Frank was able to impart to Caitlin was their immanent removal to London themselves. Frank and his business partners had elected to expand their business interests into Europe and Frank was to establish the headquarters of the Brookfield Group in London.
‘Papa that’s such good news’ Caitlin enthused, ‘whereabouts are you going to live? Have you decided yet?’
‘More to the point where are you?’ Frank posed. Caitlin apprehended that she hadn’t given it a thought. She’d sort of assumed that they would live in Pelham Crescent. But of course Michael would probably want her to move to his place. Caitlin felt uncomfortably conscious that she didn’t know where Michael lived.
‘We haven’t completely decided yet’ she hedged, ‘we may sell both places and buy somewhere together.’ Caitlin said a solution to the dilemma presenting itself. She must talk to Michael about it this evening.
‘Perhaps you might like to sell Pelham Crescent back to me then?’ Frank asked laughing as the thought tickled him. Caitlin was not sure if he was serious,
‘Would Ariel mind? It was your house with Mama.’
‘So was Park Avenue’ He countered, ‘no I don’t think that she’d mind. I’d ask her of course.’
‘Are you serious Papa?’ Caitlin asked. It may be a solution. She loved the house and would be loath to part with it.
‘We could be, it depends a bit on what else we can find in that area and we’d like to be close to you guys of course.’
‘Well I’ll give you first refusal if I decide to sell’ Caitlin laughed equally enchanted by the idea of the role reversal. They talked a while longer about the removal plans and schools for the children. Emily would attend Charlotte’s school and Sebastian more than likely where Rebecca sent her boys. ‘You’ll stay at Pelham Crescent anyway won’t you?’ Caitlin invited.
‘Thank you, that would suit us. The thought of weeks in a hotel doesn’t appeal.’
‘I may not be there myself of course’ Caitlin warned, ‘we’ll be on holiday for a couple of weeks after the wedding and then who knows?’ A thought suddenly occurred to Caitlin that would solve a massive problem, ‘Could I leave Charlie with you guys while Michael and I are away?’
‘I’ll need to check with Ariel but I’m sure she’ll be happy with that arrangement’ Frank agreed before saying fond farewells.


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