Chapter 50 – Pimlico House

Penny – December 1985
Preparations for Christmas in the Donaldson household was always pandemonium but in a good way. The twins would be three on Christmas Eve, Lucy’s eighth birthday soon after Christmas in January and Simon, nine, in February. Charles was always frantically busy with choir practice, church services, carol singing etc. All in all everything seemed to happen together in the winter months.
Penny was busy baking endless batches of mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas puddings to feed the five thousand as Charles put it. The children had been making Christmas decorations for the last month; paper chains, Chinese lanterns; cardboard stars, fairies and snowmen all decorated with spray paint and oodles of glitter. All were littering surfaces around the rectory waiting for the appointed day for putting up the decorations.
Penny hummed happily to herself as she aired beds and put out rather threadbare towels in the bathrooms. Her parents were arriving the following day; they would spend Christmas with the family. The day after Boxing Day Charles’s parents would be joining them for a few days. Jo, Julius, William and Poppy would accompany Jane and Peter for just one night on their return journey to Reading after Christmas. Jon and Gwen had volunteered to move into the local pub for the night so that all could be accommodated. Daniel was expected for one night as well but not Agnes as she was down in Wiltshire with her fiancés parents.
Penny had forever wanted to be part of a big happy family so she was always in high spirits at Christmas time. She had spent every evening for the last several months knitting scarves and bobble hats, gloves and socks for various members of the family. She had even managed to construct a navy cable knit sweater for her husband without his knowledge (The most subterfuge ever exhibited in their marriage).
It was Simon and Lucy’s last day at school and the twins were with Mrs Tindersley, the women who child minded them for two days a week, in the village. Charles was collecting them all and they would come home via the park. Penny put the finishing touches on laying the living room fire and glanced at her watch. Just time enough to have a bath and wash her hair before the hungry hoards descended for super.
Penny planned to have a late super with Charles. She would feed the children and then bath Katy and Susan and get them into bed. Meanwhile Simon and Lucy were going Carol singing with their father and the rest of the choir around the village. It was always cold in the rectory that was warmed by the Aga and various fires around the house, central heating not being at the top of the Church of England’s expenditure priorities.
Penny dried her hair and dressed in a pair of jeans and a beautiful but ancient pale pink cashmere sweater that Rebecca had given to her probably ten years before. It was the warmest item in her modest wardrobe. She slipped her feet into equally ancient sheepskin slippers and ran down to the warmth of the kitchen. She had bought the children’s favourite Lincoln Sausages from the butcher and set to preparing them with onion gravy and mash, the oldest two’s current favourite, and baked beans for the twins.
The family were greeted by the tantalising smells of her cooking as they pulled off their coats and boots in the hall.
‘Mm something smells good,’ Simon complimented, approaching his mother for an exchange of hugs.
‘Your favourite’ Penny smiled indulgently. Simon was getting so tall and handsome like his father.
‘Yippee! sausage, mash and onion gravy’ he notified Lucy happily.
‘Sausage with baked beans for Katy and Susan.’ Penny elucidated for her (almost) three year olds who still seemed to commune only with each other. The twins beamed at one another pleased with the information. Penny sometimes found it rather unnerving that they inhabited an almost exclusive world speaking their own language. She had been reassured by Charles and by their family doctor that it was not abnormal and occurred quite often with twins.
‘You’ll be sorry that you wished for it when they’re running around screaming like William and Poppy’ Charles had teased her, ‘not that they mean any harm’ he added hurriedly not wanting to speak badly of his nephew and niece.
That evening, after a triumphant return from carol singing, Penny had tucked her older two into bed and left them reading their own stories with instructions for lights-out at 9.30. The twins were both already fast asleep. Charles was sitting contentedly at the kitchen table when she reappeared to put the finishing touches to their own meal.
They usually ate as a family these days but whenever there was an opportunity they ate together when the children were all in bed. It was rather like a date night for them both. If Penny got the candles out Charles knew he was definitely in with a chance. He grinned happily as Penny cleared a space on the table and produced the silver candlesticks already decorated around the base with miniature holly wreaths ready for Christmas lunch. It was much too cold to eat in the dining room.
They exchanged a conspiratorial glance. Charles’s gaze followed Penny’s form appreciatively as she dished up rabbit stew and dumplings with roasted mixed root vegetables, one of Charles’s favourites. The Church Warden seemed to have an endless supply of game for the vicar’s family.
‘Anything that I can do to help my love?’ asked Charles, rather belatedly.
‘Pour some wine.’ Penny answered indicating the bottle of rather good burgundy with a nod as she approached the table with a plate of food in each hand.
‘Yum! That smells so good.’ Charles uttered, obediently providing wine for each of them. ‘Here’s to the Chef!’ He toasted Penny approvingly. They ate slowly and chatted idly about the day’s happenings between mouthfuls. Charles telling of the carol singing around the village where this year they had been well received by every household that they had called on, unlike in the early days. The resulting collection would swell the restoration fund for the church tower and help to pay for the school trip in the summer term.
Penny related her exploits of the day and reiterated the plans for the next few days. Charles had so much church stuff on his mind that he needed a few prompts from Penny to remind him what was happening in his family and social life. ‘My goodness we are going to have a house full.’ He responded genially to Penny’s detailed itinerary. ‘Are you going to be able to manage everything my dear?’ He asked awed by the task she had taken on.
‘Yes I think so’ Penny smiled reassuringly, ‘I’ve been planning for weeks now, cooking and freezing things, baking and preserving. I’ve made all the beds ready and set the bathrooms out. We’ll have to do a quick change of sheets and towels when your parents, Jo and Julius arrive but I have some old ones ready which will do fine’ she paused racking her brains for anything that she may have forgotten, ‘and everyone will help with the chores while they’re here.’ She finished happy that all was running smoothly to plan.
‘You’re a wonder my dear.’ Charles put his arm round her shoulder and she snuggled her head against him, smiling acquiescence to the compliment.
‘Go sit on the sofa while I clear and make some coffee.’ Charles commanded, planting a kiss on Penny’s forehead. She sat with her feet curled under her on the old sagging sofa positioned next to the warmth of the Aga. She watched approvingly as her husband washed dishes and brewed coffee humming a Christmas carol as he worked.
Penny appreciated how lucky she was; she loved her man so much. Her lips curled up in silent contentment as she relaxed waiting for him to return to her side. She would show him how much she cared tonight, her thoughts turned to lovemaking her body felt relaxed and her nipples hardened with lustful thoughts.
Charles, who knew every expression of Penny’s face and every inch of her comely body, glanced across at his wife and knew what she had in mind.
‘Here or upstairs?’ Charles asked huskily, slipping his arm around her waist and his hand under her sweater to fondle her breast. The firmness of her nipple provoked an immediate response from his cock.
‘Here.’ Penny wriggled to get her jeans undone and slipped out of her pants. She was already wet and ready for him. Charles slipped his finger inside her and rubbed her clitoris gently and rhythmically until she gasped for him to enter. Charles complied with a strong thrust of his hips. His mouth seeking her nipple he sucked lustily as he swayed his hips gently pulling back and then pushing deep, as she liked it.
Penny indicated by a whimper of satisfaction that she was about to orgasm and Charles thrust quicker until he came groaning with his own release. They fell together in a heap on the old sofa gently caressing and kissing each other.
‘Well hussy it’s time for bed.’ Charles lifted her easily, picked up her discarded clothes and carried her upstairs.
Penny and Charles lay cuddled up in bed (partly for warmth) still languid from their lovemaking. They reached over to each other simultaneously for a good night kiss. The usual brush of lips lingered longer their tongues playing games. Charles who couldn’t resist his wife’s breasts was soon tempted to visit first one and then the other licking the rigid nipples appreciatively. Penny could feel his erection against her thigh. She lifted his head away from her breasts and kissed him deeply on the mouth,
‘And you a man of the cloth,’ she murmured, teasingly into his face. She released him so that he could continue his journey down her body arching her back to offer herself to him.


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