No I hadn’t heard of it either BUT all of a sudden its all over the place.

NaNoWriMo short for National Novel Writing Month takes place every year in November and this year I’ve entered for the challenge which is to write 50,000 words in the month of November hence the eek! I’m nifty but hey that is really really fast…

The novel I have pledged to write is another in the romance genre but totally different from the Palmerstone books (I so miss those guys).

A Universal Truth

The story follows the lives of the five daughters of the Benton family. Jade is completing her nursing training and has elected to move home to Oxford for her final year. Eme (short for Emerald, yes Mrs Benton did go through a phase) finishes University and returns home for the holidays with her best friend Scarlett Lucas. Meanwhile Jade and Eme’s younger two siblings, Lara and Kylie) aspire to celebrity status through THAT TV talent show (unfortunately they are without much talent), shamelessly encouraged by their mother. The middle sister Meg Ann lectures her siblings from the moral high ground at every opportunity.
Scarlett invites Eme and Jade down to the family’s holiday home in Cornwall where the girls are invited to lunch with long time friends of Scarlett’s parents. Scarlett has had a crush on Ashley Brooks for years. During the holiday the girls are thrown in the way of Ashley’s seriously wealthy and rather pompous cousin, Matthew and his best friend Sam Bradford. Jade and Sam are immediately attracted to each other. Eme forms the opinion that Matthew is an egotistical snob and eschews his company in favour of an actor, Zachary Winchester whom she meets at a beach barbecue. Oddly Matthew and Zachary appear to have met before….