Making Out

Poppy – November 2004


Poppy’s lips curved up in a smile of supreme satisfaction.  She stretched out her long lean limbs and watched her delectable co-star’s back view under her eyelashes as he pulled on his jeans and roughly buttoned a casual shirt.  Poppy was in love; she knew she was, but him?  Ivan’s name had been connected with every major Hollywood actress, sometimes for a few months, sometimes a splash of publicity in the press and then nothing, or denials on both sides.  Which would it be with her Poppy pondered?  She dared to dream only for a moment.  He would dump her like he had all the others.

‘Well beautiful, best get that gorgeous ass outa bed’ he grinned, ‘we’re due on set in ten’ he sat on the edge of Poppy’s vast bed and bent over to kiss her forehead; his smile was relaxed and sexy.  He didn’t look like he was about to dump her.  Poppy sat up and slid towards the bedside proposing to shower and dress for their early start on set.  Ivan put his arm about her as she moved to pass and held her in a grip tight enough to impede her progress,

‘Now I come to think of it, maybe we could cruise in a little latter’ he nuzzled her neck suggestively.  Poppy was torn between her desire for Ivan and her desire to be reliable; she had been brought up to be responsible and dependable.  Ivan won.  He stripped off his newly donned clothes in seconds and flung himself on the bed next to Poppy rolling her over in his arms laughing joyously into her face.  She could feel the hardness of his body against hers and his massive erection pulsating against her belly as he held her.

Poppy had never experienced feelings half as intense as he provoked. Her whole body melted with wanting him. He looked long into her eyes his mouth lifting at the corners as he took in her beauty. His lips reached for hers and held her in a deep lingering kiss that made every nerve in Poppy’s body vibrate with sensuality.  She felt like a cat lying out in the sun with the exquisite expectation of being stroked over and over until she could take no more.

He took her very gently watching her face as he inserted his cock slowly, inch by inch into her wet tight pussy.  She was superb. Ivan very slowly swayed his body savouring every moment as he felt her fold around him and very gradually, as her orgasm built, squeeze tighter and harder until she came with a cry of ecstasy, her whole body arching and bucking as she climaxed taking him with her. Poppy lay satiated in Ivan’s arms wondering through her daze of post-coital bliss whether anything this good would ever happen to her again.

‘Come on sleepy-head’ Ivan pulled at her hand, ‘we’ve gotta go, he pulled her out of bed and led her to the en-suite shower where he soaped her gently as though she were a child.  Poppy obediently lifted her limbs and turned her body for his administrations, very aware that he was getting horny again already.  Ivan grinned and gently pushed her out of the shower.  Poppy watched him transfixed as he soaped himself paying particular attention to his spectacularly erect penis as he performed the ablutions. Poppy was glad of her dusky skin tone; she blushed so hard she was sure he would notice her innocence and inexperience otherwise.

Poppy turned away and tried to concentrate on drying off and getting dressed. She felt weak with desire. Ivan dressed speedily, seemingly with no further thought of sex.  Chivvying her good-naturedly to hurry.  Poppy was delighted that he was waiting for her.  The two would arrive on set together.  Although Poppy knew that this would cause further complications in terms of press coverage she couldn’t help feeling relieved and happy that she was not going to be one of his one-night-stands.  Perhaps things would be different for her and Ivan.


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