Making Out

Lucy – December 2004

Lucy had always loved Christmas.  It had been a special time for her family growing up as she had with a father in the church. There remained always a wistfulness that he were still with them but on the whole the family could all remember him fondly and resurrect his memory in fond anecdotes.  Lucy had thought that she would be able to persuade her mother to spend Christmas with her and David in their snug little cottage. This ambition had been overturned in a more than pleasant way; her brother Simon was to be in London for a special Christmas recital and then for recording early in the New Year. He would be staying in London with Suzanne he had said; much more convenient, but would it be OK for him and Annie to ‘gate-crash’ Christmas in Cornwall?

Simon was very conscious that he hardly knew his 18-month-old niece, Bethan.

‘I’m sure Mum will be delighted’ Lucy agreed with alacrity, ‘and we are too of course’ she added with a grin that Simon could feel over the phone, ‘we’ll have to be at the St Kew House though, we did think Mum might come to us this year but we have no room here’ Lucy rattled on happily making plans. ‘I may even persuade Katy and Susan to come, last time I heard they were planning skiing in Switzerland.’

‘Great that’s settled then’ Simon responded, ‘Mum won’t mind?’ he asked tentatively.

‘Of course she won’t’ Lucy responded with complete honesty, ‘she’ll be really pleased to see you; and Annie.’

‘We’ll come down on Christmas Eve then in time for dinner?  Maybe a bit sooner if we can get away in good time and the traffic’s not too bad.  I’m arriving in London next Wednesday and the recital’s on the following night.’ Simon didn’t add that he would be playing the Royal Albert Hall to a sell-out audience.

‘Good luck and safe journey, can’t wait to see you’ Lucy hung up with a smile lingering on her face.  It was the first time that Simon had actually suggested a visit; usually she had to badger him to come down.  Lucy made a cup of tea and sat down to rest her aching back and make plans.  She only had a few more minutes of peace before her (very) active toddler was up from her afternoon nap.  Lucy felt a strong kick inside as her unborn child moved around; she rested her hands on her bump and smiled serenely to herself. Better call Mum before Bombshell Bethan is up and about!

Penny was thrilled to hear the news from Lucy that her son, Simon and her best friend Suzanne would be coming down for Christmas, which in turn meant that Lucy, David and Bethan would be coming over to stay with her at the St Kew house.  For Penny the ultimate excuse to decorate every room in the house, stock up with firewood, bake additional batches of mince pies and make-up beds and bathrooms ready for the visitors.  When Lucy called a couple of days later to confirm that the twins would be coming home Penny was ecstatic.  A house-full of people was her idea of bliss.

Lucy strapped Bethan into the back of the car and made ready for the short journey over to St Kew.  Bethan wriggled excitedly and chatted in incomprehensible language for the entire journey making Lucy smile.  There was no doubt that Bethan was very much looking forward to seeing G’ama.  Lucy kissed her mother hello and accompanied her to the kitchen from where tantalising smells were emitting.  Bethan trotted alongside her grandmother almost on tiptoe to hold onto her hand.

The house was already looking Christmassy Lucy took in feeling comforted by the tradition of it all.  She had volunteered to help her mother to decorate the tree, a task that took her right back to her own childhood. Lucy had wondered if it would be best to put Bethan down for her afternoon nap rather than risk the mayhem of her helping, however her mother’s recollection of Lucy ‘helping’ her at a similar age stayed Lucy’s decision.  Christmas is for children she reminded herself as she and her mother alternately gave Bethan little tasks to accomplish. So what if it all had to be repaired later. 

By the time Lucy was ready to return home to the cottage she and Penny had rectified the Christmas tree decorations, made up all the beds, strung all the Christmas cards (lots) on red ribbon and dug out some old Christmas stockings that Lucy and her siblings used to have.  One of these would do for Bethan and she would make up another one for her goddaughter Eliza.  Lucy planned to invite Maxi, Damien and Eliza for sherry and mince pies after church, perhaps the rest of the family too.  Must check with Mum first she made a mental note.

David greeted his wife and sleepy toddler as they arrive back home. He couldn’t ever remember being home first; it had seemed empty and unnervingly quiet without his wife and daughter. He was delighted to hear of all the plans for Christmas from Lucy and even the tired and over excited shrieks from Bethan.  He had good news of his own to impart which he did later over supper once he had bathed Bethan, tucked her up in bed and read her a story.

Lucy pottered about in the kitchen putting the finishing touches to a casserole she had taken from the freezer.  I must remember to label things properly she admonished herself, she hadn’t a clue what the dish was until it had defrosted enough to inspect.  On her return home she had recognised the dish as a pheasant dish that she had made after they had been gifted with a brace from one of David’s grateful patients. Potatoes and green beans from the garden and likewise frozen provided the accompaniments.

‘Pheasant casserole!’ she announced proudly as David descended to the kitchen and planted a kiss to the nape of her neck,

‘Yum, sounds worthy of a glass or two of red’ David announced inspecting the wine rack for something suitable.  He couldn’t wait to impart his news to Lucy.

David listened to Lucy recounting the experiences of her day with affection. It all sounded delightfully domestic and foretold of a happy festive occasion to come.

‘You haven’t tired yourself too much?’ he enquired with solicitousness.

‘No not at all, easier than having Bethan all on my own!  She adores her G’ama so Mum really entertains her while I’m able to get on with other stuff.’  Lucy smiled at David serenely, ‘Now you my love, I can tell you’re bursting to tell something.’

‘How well you know me’ David smiled affably, ‘Yep, good news’ he leaned over and took Lucy’s hand, ‘I’ve been invited to be a partner.’  Lucy beamed with pride,

Oh that’s wonderful darling’ Lucy was thrilled that David would not now have to follow up the unwelcome scenario that he had introduced a month or two before; namely that with two children to support he may have to look further afield for a partnership in a medical practice.  She leaned over and planted an affectionate kiss on her husband’s cheek, she knew he’d been worried about the up-keep of his little family now that Lucy had given up work and they would soon have another mouth to feed.

‘I knew you’d be happy.  Not a good time for us to be thinking of upping sticks.  Not that I think there ever will be, we have everything we could possibly want living here; your Mum, Maxi, Damien and family, great neighbours, Alice, the practice…’ David grinned widely and raised his glass to chink with Lucy’s, ‘Perfick’ as Pop Larkin would have had it.

David scrambled up to raid the freezer, urging Lucy to stay put. He had soon whipped up a chocolate ice cream ‘surprise’ for a treat.  Lucy rolled her eyes up in appreciation as she very slowly nibbled her way through the chocolate and vanilla ice cream enjoying the crunch of the flaked chocolate and chopped nuts that David had added to the dish.

‘Mm lovely’ Lucy approved dreamily, only to have her reverie disrupted from a cry from above, ‘I’ll go, she probably needs her nappy changed’ Lucy shrugged and made for the stairs.

“I’ll clear up and make a cup of tea’ David offered, coffee kept the baby awake and consequently its mother.  Lucy crept back downstairs with her fingers crossed; Bethan seemed to have gone off to sleep again without a fuss.  Lucy curled up on the sofa as indicated by the still occupied David. He was soon done with his tasks, delivering the tea to Lucy and sitting himself close beside her. He slipped an arm around Lucy’s shoulders and snuggled up to her, ‘Happy’ he asked, unnecessarily. Lucy snuggled herself into the warmth and security of her husband’s embrace and wondered if he may be up for more than a snuggle.  Pregnancy seemed to make her lustful; she looked up at David under lowered lashes and lifted her lips to his.  David’s smiled with contentment as his mouth explored hers gently parting her lips and teasing her tongue with his.  He ran a hand over her breasts, enlarged by pregnancy and her nipples permanently prominent from breast-feeding, his cock hardening with desire.  David bent his head and slipped Lucy’s breast free of the confines of her bra. He sucked and licked her nipple sending ripples of desire to Lucy’s core.  He knew that she would be wet and ready for him.

‘Downstairs?’ David asked.  Lucy nodded approbation and helped David to pull off her tights and knickers. He slid onto the floor and slid his tongue inside to lap gently at Lucy’s clitoris; she was right on the edge. He quickly slipped out of his shorts and trousers revealing his own readiness to Lucy’s eye. Her husband was gorgeous in every way she thought as she watched him slid his cock home very slowly so that every nerve end thrilled to his entry.  Their lips locked together once more as David ground himself into her body as though it was possible to be more conjoined than they were already. Lucy came in waves of ecstasy her body pulsating around his cock until he came with a groan of exquisite release.

The couple sat cuddled together kissing and exchanging endearments David’s hand resting on Lucy’s bump waiting for it to start kicking in response to the rude interruption.

‘Ah there he goes’ David smiled, ‘sorry to wake you old chap.’


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