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Hi everybody. You don’t know me. Or at least that will depend how many of the books you’ve read. I’m Harriett, though everyone almost always calls me Hattie, except, you guessed it, Mama when she’s having a melt down.
My mama is Caitlin. I think I arrive in the third book about mama and her friends Rebecca, Penny and Suzanne. But now I’m all grown up, 26 this year, Yikes how did that happen?
As our families have grown up together it may be a bit of a surprise (but not a total OMG how did that happen?) that I, Harriett Alexander, am Deputy Web-editor, Blogger extraordinaire, and party fashion supremo for Palmerstone’s on-line business. Mm that does sound very grown up; in simple terms I work for ‘Aunt’ Rebecca. (We call all of Mama’s friends Aunt, since we all knew them when we were little). Got the picture?
Now for the complicated bit (uhu seriously), I’m doing a bit of moonlighting for Sarah (Bevan Fischer). My mama and her friends are Sarah’s imaginary best friends. Well I guess we all are. She hangs out with us all day plotting bits of mischief for us to get into, (no problem there then). Any way I’ve promised to lend some of my blogging expertise to her frankly less than scintillating efforts to promote her books about Palmerstone, the Alexander’s (us), the Donaldson’s (Aunt Pen’s mob, including the luscious maestro, Simon with whom…can’t tell you all that right now.
Sorry gotta fly, I’m late again…Talk to you soon.
P.S. I’ll tell you about Rebecca’s sons next time too. OMG eyes out on stalks gorgeous…


Coming Soon

Harriet Alexander has kindly agreed to give us the goss on all things Palmerstone!
Get all the news from the horse’s mouth (not that we’d call Hattie a horse of course – te he!)