Palmerstone & Friends

Take four girls add a sexy French man, a drop dead gorgeous Italian, a bad boy and an angel and shake well.  The resulting cocktail will make you howl with laughter and cry your way through a box of tissues.

Penny, an only child, longs to be swept off her feet, marry, and have lots of clever and beautiful children and live happily ever after in a cottage with roses around the door; she is well on the way to living the dream with the wonderful Charles but will it all end in tears?

Caitlin, a Park Avenue Princess, shops and parties as she seeks the man of her family’s expectations; a tragedy leads her to Paris and into the arms of a hot handsome Frenchman but would her family approve her illicit love?

Rebecca thinks sex is over-rated and intends to build a fashion empire; on her way to realising her ambition she inadvertently falls for the frankly gorgeous Dylan but is he as he appears or is he hiding a dark secret?

Suzanne sets out to reach the top in a male dominated career she decides to eschew marriage and children in favour of power and independence but is she strong enough to succeed?

Set against a backdrop of London, Paris, New York and rural England the girls start out in pursuit of their goals with mixed and unexpected results.  The one constant is each other as their lives are cast asunder, hopes are realised at the same time as dreams are shattered; the four friends are always there for each other.


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